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Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Honest Award

Today i have get this great Award from "Manelli"
Many thanks for it Hun and big Hugs to you

Ok, now the 10 points about me:
1. I enjoy my life
2. I love my playfull dog and his balls *lol*
3. I love my work, whenever is very hard some times
4. I love my PC and the World Wide Web :))
5. I love the Sun but also Rain and Snow
6. I love COFFEE
7. I love Nutella :))
8. I love my Bed and sleep, whenever i feel so ;))
9. I love to create Scrapkits
10. I love to chat with my Friends around the World

Puuhh, thats a hard work, but now comes a more hard work
looking for 9 Bloggers, grrr
Ok, i will look

1. Bea Creations
2. Creations by Sanie
3. Lysiras Graphic World
4. Rieneke from Scrap Je Gek Tut´s
5. Melanie from M_S_Creations
6. Sylvie from Fantasy Moments
7. Joanne from Joanne´s Digital Designs
8. Nikki from Creative Intentionz
9. ??? must look who i can give

Thanks again to Manelli for this Award

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