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Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

Gorgeous Blog Award

I have get this great Award today from Brandy ~ Brandie´s Eye Candies

Thank you so much for it Hun

The rules are very simple:
Put the name and link of who gave you this award on your blog.
Then pass it on to 5 blogs which you think are AWESOME.

Here are my 5 AWESOME blogs:

Eirene ~ Eirene Designs
Joanne ~ Joannes Digital Designs
Adry P ~ My Warehouse of Dreams
Manelli ~ Creative Art Designs
ZaZa ~ Scraps and Tubes

1 Kommentar:

Scrap and Tubes (ZaZa) hat gesagt…

Hello Angela !

Thank you so very much for that award .... it touches me deeply that you thought of me and I accept it gladly.

Many thanks and big hugs,


*** sorry for my poor english...