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Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

CU 4 CU License for Scripts

Bastelgalaxy's CU4CU License
Bastelgalaxy is pleased to offer you this license to
use on my scripts and offer them as CU Products.

You will recieve a 150x200 blog license with your name.
You will need to post this on your blog and leave it there.

This is a one time fee for life.

When using my scripts in your TOU's you MUST include
that you are a CU4CU License holder for Bastelgalaxy Designs.

Once you purchase License email me your receipt,
Design nameand email address
and I will email your license to you.

E-Mail: bastelgalaxy@gmx.at

May take up to 24hrs for me to respond


Professional Terms of Use for PSP Scripts © by Bastelgalaxy 2010

E-Mail: bastelgalaxy@gmx.at
Blog: http://bastelgalaxy.blogspot.com/

Thank you for purchasing scripts made by Bastelgalaxy.
These scripts were created by Bastelgalaxy.

Purchasing such products grants you a license to use
under the following conditions, but does not grant you copyright
over the products or any derivative products you may create using them.
By puchasing this script, you are obtaining a "license to use" this
script an are agreeing to the following terms.

Please note that I reserve the right to change these TOU at any time.
Please be sure to visit my blog to be sure you have a current copy of my TOU.
By purchasing this license your are agreeing to my CU4CU terms.
CU4CU means that you can use my items in kits that you sell,
and you can sell your kit as CU to the person who buys the kit from you.

You CANNOT transfer the CU license to them.
They CANNOT offer CU to whomever buys their kit
- they must offer it as PU only.

If you want to use my items to sell as Commercial Use,
you MUST purchase my CU4CU license,
which is available in my personal store

************** This is a one-off $10.! **************

You can purchase a CU4CU license from stores I sale at.

Avaible @

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